End of an era – the mention of Activision removed from the official site of Destiny

The process of divorce between Activision and Bungie comes to an end. Today, the reference to the publisher has been completely removed from the official site Destiny. The Activision logo has disappeared, and in the line on the copyright holders of the series now only Bungie is indicated. The attention was paid to this by the users of the ResetEra forums.

Bungie reported on breaking up with Activision on January 11th. The parties thanked each other for their cooperation and explained that the developers are now ready to develop the series themselves.

The creators of Destiny plan to continue supporting the second part. They point to the expansion of Forsaken as an example of an attempt to meet the demands of the fans. In the future, listening to the audience promise even more carefully. Fenbazu surprises await.

Destiny is not the only interesting project at the moment. In collaboration with the Chinese giant NetEase, which invested more than $ 100 million in it, the studio is preparing a new big franchise. There are no details about it yet, but management says that friendship with NetEase will allow the team to learn a lot and come closer to implementing a plan to become an entertainment company capable of launching and maintaining “many worlds at a time”.

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